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As a priest who is not savvy with social media, CSM has been helpful in enhancing our Facebook page and offering information to guide our communication efforts. Their resources are an economical way to refresh our pages without hiring another staffer with a media and theology background.

Rev. Tim Reker

Saint Joseph the Worker and Holy Family Catholic Churches

Mankato, MN

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  • 86% of Christians will share content posted by a trusted religious source

  • Every post is an opportunity to draw people closer to Christ

  • No committees or additional staff hours required

The low-cost, high-impact program for the New Evangelization

Fr. Mick Mulvany endorsement
Parishes that post daily on Facebook report higher giving and increased engagement

(Source: 2019 Catholic Giving Trends Survey)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the social media service work? 
Our CatholicSocial.Media experts put together amazing content that your parishioners will love. We email you the content fresh each week, without any logos or branding - so that each post looks like it's coming right from your parish office. We then train your staff person (or volunteer) so they can schedule a week's worth of posts in under 10 minutes.
4. How is this different from Word on Fire, Dynamic Catholic or
CatholicSocial.Media provides non-branded content that keeps your parish front and center. Our daily posts allow you to engage your parishioners outside of Sunday Mass. Remind your parishioners about upcoming Holy Days, post fun and creative content that they'll like and share, and intentionally foster social interactions among parishioners that will strengthen your parish community in the real world - not draw them away to other communities that only exist online.
3. What if we already have someone in charge of our social media?
That's great! Now let's arm that person with high quality, daily content that is tied to the liturgical calendar. Our Catholic content is proven, trustworthy and dependable…which puts your staff person or volunteer in a position to succeed. We provide the base material, and they focus on supplementing our posts with local photos and events. It's a combination that will save you time and money while delivering the very best results for your parish.
2. Do we still post our own stuff? 

While some parishes use our service as their sole source of social media content, most rely on CatholicSocial.Media as the backbone of a communications strategy that also includes posts about local parish news and events. Parishioners love our fresh, creative content - but they also love seeing photos and updates that only your parish can provide.


Parish Essentials

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Amazing social media content, 
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365 days of original Catholic content that will delight and engage your parishioners

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Money-back guarantee:
If our social media service doesn't pay for itself in the first 6 months, we'll refund you the difference. No questions asked.


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